What is the Social Media Collaboration Summit?
Social media is now deeply embedded our everyday work as high ed communicators. It’s a part of media relations, development, admissions, alumni relations, communications with on-campus communities, and plays a major role in campus events, like orientation and commencement. Today, advancement staff regularly collaborate with one another and with colleagues across campus to manage social media efficiently, effectively, and with maximum impact. What are best practices for this collaboration? What works and what is overrated? What tools are most reliable or have the greatest potential for making our work successful?

Who can participate?
UMBC Social Media Collaboration Summit is an opportunity for university communications staff across Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia to share experiences, resources and ideas on social media collaboration at an institutional level. To make sure we can include representatives from a diverse range of colleges and universities, we request a maximum of three registrants per institution. If your institution would like to send more than three participants, please email us.

What topics will we discuss?
Our goals are to make this free, one-day working conference a truly useful, engaging experience for all who attend and to strengthen the higher ed social media community in our region. This summit will encourage participants to share their thoughts on topics such as:

  • Best practices for popular social media platforms
  • Team-based account management
  • Large-scale analytics and strategic response
  • Editorial calendars
  • Cross-platform social media for large campus events
  • Social media for effective crisis communications
  • Building campus buy-in and an engaged network of social media managers.

What do you mean by “working conference”?
Have you ever been to a conference where your most productive conversations were chats over coffee, between official sessions? Our conference model recognizes the value of informal conversations on topics of immediate interest. Rather than submitting papers months prior to a presentation, participants will reflect on the topics that most interest them when they register, just a few weeks before the event itself.

The ideas that get the most interest will be organized into trainings and workshops. To make this a success, we need your honest input on what topics you’d find interesting, and your energy in actively contributing to a training or workshop, by leading a discussion or sharing your experience as a case study.

How can I participate?
Space is limited. To attend this summit, submit the brief registration form today. There is no registration fee.  Although the formal registration deadline is January 8, 2015, we request that you submit the form ASAP. It takes just 3 minutes to complete. As registrations come in we’ll contact participants about participating in or leading trainings and workshops. If you’d like to be more closely involved with event planning and prep, contact Dinah Winnick at dwinnick@umbc.edu.

Who is organizing this?
The UMBC Office of Institutional Advancement is organizing this summit through a generous grant from the CASE District II Venture Capital Fund, and in partnership with the University of Maryland, College Park. This event follows the Social Media ReBoot Camp held at Frostburg State University held in 2011 and UMBC Social Media Strategy Summit held in 2012, both also supported by CASE District II.