Session 1 (10:30)
Social Media in Crisis  (presentation available upon request)
A safety incident or a reputational threat hits campus, and it has the potential to be magnified quickly if not managed effectively on social media. Misinformation can go viral in an instant, and University of Maryland communicators want to share lessons learned for addressing, containing, monitoring and responding to crisis situations using social media. Based on recent higher education case studies and best practices from corporate communications, this presentation will also include interactive discussion.
—Crystal Brown and Kameya Shows-Ciers, UMCP / Rm. 108

Social Media Collaboration with Students and Alumni Volunteers
How do we use social media to create collaborative networks in higher education? This talk will begin with a window onto my collaborative work managing social media accounts and campaigns with alumni and students, including successful initiatives (eg., #SAA loves UMBC), challenges (e.g., saying “no” when your collaborators are also your audience), and exploring what defines success (e.g., bolstering attendance at in-person events through social media engagement). Using UMBC’s upcoming 50th anniversary celebration as a jumping off point, we’ll discuss as a group what our institutions are doing or hope to do to strengthen social media collaborations with students and alumni in the year ahead, and best practices for managing and leveraging that collaboration.
—Jessica El-Zeftawy, UMBC / Rm. 124

Session 2 (11:30)
Ten Ways to Make Your Campus Fall in Love with Your Instagram Feed
If you haven’t started using Instagram as a way to build relationships with donors and alumni, it’s time to get started. This exploration of Instagram will offer an introduction to a powerful (and easy!) way to share your school’s visual narrative.
—Emily Wagner, Catholic U. / Rm. 108

Will That Photo Get You Fined?
Higher ed social media managers share a lot of visual content online, and we’re also frequently called upon to offer training and consultation for faculty, staff and students who want to run a social media photo contest or need a copyright primer. This presentation will offer a refresher on the FAQs of online photo use: Where can I get photos I can use without worrying about legal issues? What should I keep in mind when I post those images? Is permission to share an image really necessary with something like a photo contest? We’ll end with a discussion of tough questions we’ve each encountered around online photo use.
—Dinah Winnick, UMBC / Rm. 124

Session 3 (1:15)
#FTW: Best Practices to Help You Win at Facebook and Twitter in 2015 (presentation available upon request)
Users interact and consume content on Facebook and Twitter differently. Optimize your content for each channel to maximize your effectiveness.  In this session you will learn tricks to getting Facebook’s algorithm working in your favor including tips for engaging fans with compelling visual and video content. Brush up on the latest trends in the Twittersphere and learn what’s new for 2015.
—Laura Wilson, Georgetown U. / Rm. 108

Crowdfunding: Opportunities and Challenges in Higher Ed
Higher education has faced steady declines in alumni participation percentages over the last several decades. While crowdfunding has transformed the philanthropic landscape many wonder if it is just a passing trend. Attendees will learn how UMBC’s annual giving program is using crowdfunding as an alternate way of engaging students with the process of fundraising — moving beyond one-time project campaigns to engage prospective donors and achieve sustained donor engagement.
—Dayna Carpenter, UMBC / Rm. 1242:00Break2:15

Session 4 (2:15)
Editorial Calendars: How to Build a Great One and How That Makes a Difference
So often the world of social media demands flexibility and immediate response to the topic of the moment, which can make day-to-day planning a challenge. How can you bring some organization and thoughtfulness into your work? Start with an editorial calendar, add a communications calendar, and you’re well on your way. This is a facilitated discussion, so please come prepared to share your ideas and start your own draft editorial calendar.
—Meredith Purvis, UMBC / Rm. 108

Campus Buy-In: Connecting Social Media Managers and Fostering an Engaged Campus Culture
What approach will work best to establish a collaborative community of social media managers on your campus? This session will explore our education-focused approach to social media leadership at UMBC, including the development of social media guidelines and best practices, a social media managers resource-sharing group, and ongoing training and consultation commitments. We’ll touch base on social media directories and aggregators, and discuss what social media collaboration looks like on our diverse campuses.
—Dinah Winnick, UMBC / Rm. 124

Concluding Session (3:20)
Presenters from throughout the day’s sessions will come together as a panel to reflect on the day’s discussion and answer questions from participants.


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